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Family Tree PHP is a full genealogy program that runs on our webserver, using the php scripting language and a mysql database. It is easy to use, highly customizable, multilingual and very affordable.


You can either use it:

  • to import a gedcom file from other software to publish your family tree on your website, or use it
  • as your primary software and add and edit persons, families, events, sources, notes, multimedia files etc. directly online, from your home, or wherever you happen to be.


Family Tree PHP has many features, but it mainly:

  • Very easy to use and flexible. Its our top choice for a genealogy website. 
  • Technique and layout are completely separated. This makes it possible to customize the complete layout and make your own website design if you only know a bit of html and css. Or you can choose from several ready to use template sets.
  • The database structure is very efficient, which enables the script to handle very large family tree collections. Even when the database contains several 100,000s of persons, the script still runs very fast.
  • You can easily add your own texts or complete custom pages, using a handy wysiwyg editor. And even a blog module is included, so you can use Family Tree PHP as a complete content management system.
  • Although the script has so many features, everything is done to keep it as clean looking and as easy to use as possible, not only for family tree experts like you. It is specificly targeted at your avarage family member who knows nothing about genealogy, but just visits your site to find his or her own ancestors quickly and easy.
  • Providing an easy way of interaction between you and your visitors is an important aspect of the script. Visitors can easily leave comments on persons, families or other records.
  • Last but not least, the script is very easy to install. You only have to upload the files to your website and run the installation script, which guides you quickly to the few needed steps. In less than five minutes you are done.


Top Features:

Familytreephp has a range of fantastic features but here is a list of the top features we like the best:
  • Very quick and easy to use - Easiest interface we have used!
  • A blog module is integrated - to keep people updated.
  • Powerful search built in, so you can search by any surnames, DOB, anniversaries or any other statistic.
  • Photos can get a text (ex. a copyright notice) automaticly printed on them.
  • 5 x beautiful templates to chose from!
  • Anti-spam function and backup function!
  • Multi language support.
  • Search engine friendly urls!
  • RSS-feeds with the latest updated persons and other records.



What customers have said:

“So far I am impressed with Family Tree PHP. I’ve looked at quite a few and this seems the easiest for a non-computer savvy person to use.”

David Jones
“The visitors of my website tell me they find my site very beautiful and very easy to use. I see this as a compliment to you, because I have done nothing but installing the script and uploading the gedcom file, and that’s it. So, it’s all your job!”

“Your software looks really promising as it’s simple but retains all the information and looks good. It hasn’t got all the unnecessary features which the other php software seem to insist on pushing. It generates the pages quickly also.”

Kate withal

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